FoodPharm Therapies LTD

Developing the Next Generation of Medical Foods

"Our food should be our medicine
and our medicine should be our food"

Hippocrates, the father of Western Medicine, 460-370 BC

FoodPharm Therapies Ltd. is an Israeli innovative enterprise, founded in 2022 by Prof. Jacob Shoham, MD, PhD, and located in Jerusalem.

The Company focuses on developing nutritional means, that will provide health-restorative nourishments for patients with chronic diseases, such as cancer, auto-immune disorders, metabolic diseases and health problems of the aging population.

These medical foods will be used to supplement, to accompany, and in appropriate cases also to substitute, conventional medical treatments or to mitigate the adverse effects of such treatments.

The company plans to enter the medical food market by the year 2026. In the meantime, this website provides some background information on the company and its scientific foundations.



1. To develop food products of potential value for:              

     a. Invigorating patients suffering from debilitating conditions.
     b. Satisfying specific nutritional needs.                             
     c. Targeting disease processes.
     d. Mitigating adverse drug  effects.
     e. Constructing  drug-food  synergistic  treatment  plans.
     f. Making high-quality medical foods available to patients.

2. To assess the health benefits of these products, through clinical trials.


To develop medical food products that have scientifically proved therapeutic value, which will ultimately become effective, reliable and appropriate components of the medical management of patients with chronic diseases.


Prof. Jacob Shoham, MD, PhD, specialized in Internal Medicine with further training in Medical Oncology, Integrative Oncology, Nutritional Medicine and Herbal Medicine. All these disciplines formed the basis for his medical approach.

He carried out experimental and clinical research on cancer biology and on basic and applied immunology, emphasizing their implications to the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. He started his research at the Weizmann Institute of Science and continued it as a Professor of Life Sciences at Bar-Ilan University. At the university he also designed the teaching program on nutritional biochemistry and metabolism and further explored and taught it for many years.

In the past he served as an advisor for the Israeli Ministry of Science in the fields of Life Sciences and Medicine and as the head of R&D at Interpharm, a pioneering Israeli biotechnological-pharmaceutical company.

He developed a unique approach to chronic diseases, particularly cancer, viewing health problems from complex systems perspective (1). This approach, which emphasizes the use of properly selected food items as powerful health-promoting means, has been successfully applied by him in the treatment of thousands of patients, suffering from cancer and other chronic diseases.


(1) More details, in his book – "Cancer as a Challenge: Scientific Discoveries and New Insights – a Source of Hope“, 2016, pp. 219-261 .

Ilan Ilouz

Food Engineer

Dr. Sophia Eldad, PhD

R&D Manager

Prof. Jacob Shoham, MD, PhD

Entrepreneur, Medical and Scientific Director


Nutrition can be a vital element not only in preserving health and preventing disease but also in treating existing health problems, particularly chronic ones.

Nutritional instructions to patients are not as effective as the use of ready-made foods, in exploiting the full advantage of nutrition as a significant therapeutic measure, because –

• The development process of health-promoting food products enables their exact formulation .

• Ready-made food products simplify and facilitate the use of therapeutic foods by patients, who frequently are not able to take care of themselves properly.

Accordingly, medical food products should become essential tools in the treatment of various chronic diseases, in supporting patients during conventional medical treatments and in accelerating recovery and regaining health.

Medical foods can be used either as part of a more comprehensive medical treatment plan or be employed as stand-alone therapeutic for the actual treatment of specific disease conditions. In addition, it will be possible to use such foods as preventative or health-preserving means .



The striking effect of nutrition on human-beings’ complex vital inner processes and functions

Unique Features

• The food items the company develops aim at targeting disease processes, (e.g., cancer, autoimmune diseases, metabolic syndromes), not only provide nutritional support.

• Clinical data,  coming from the entrepreneur’s clinic, indicating that properly designed nutrition can be an essential element in treating health problems, particularly  chronic  ones.

• Thorough scientific data base, on the molecular mechanisms of disease, and on nutritional biochemistry, suggesting insights on how to influence disease processes by nutritional means.

• Principles taken from complexity science serve as the conceptual foundation of the company’s R&D activity

• Assessment of the products by carefully planned clinical and experimental studies.


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